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Thin Joint Specialists

Champion Brickwork are specialists in the use of Thin Joint Construction methods.

Thin-Joint construction method combines high quality large format aircrete products, specially manufactured for use with a quick-setting, thin-layer mortar.
The system promotes the use of much larger blocks with 2mm joints, rather than the traditional 10mm joints and can be used for solid or cavity walls in all types of buildings, be it houses, apartments, commercial buildings, schools or offices.

Benefits of Thin Joint Construction Methods

The Thin-Joint system, recognised as a modern method of construction (MMC), is an established build system in the UK construction industry which responds directly to Government initiatives for speeding up the supply of housing, whilst improving the quality of build and reducing its environmental

It allows construction times equivalent to an off site manufactured solution without the restrictive long lead-in times and offers the benefit of design flexibility.

The system retains the flexibility of design that a traditional build enjoys, allowing adaptations on site for any issues that may have been overlooked at the design stage.
It also simplifies any changes that are made to the building at a later date, such as extensions or conversions or conservatories.
Since air-tightness is now an integral part of achieving Building Regulation compliance, it has become an important factor in the design and construction of any building. Preventing warm air from escaping through uncontrolled ventilation and air leakage is a key component in controlling heat loss through the fabric of a building.
Tests undertaken by Building Services Research and Information Association (BSRIA) have shown that using think joint construction methods can make a significant contribution to achieving low Design Air Permeability rates now commonly required for dwellings under Part L of the Building Regulations.

Thin-Joint construction method has some positive speed benefits:
Reduces the quantity of mortar used by approximately 75%
Reduction of site wastage
Fast setting mortar allows continuous laying to storey height
Ease of mixing and application of mortar
Early installation of floors and roofs
Early installation of internal block walls in frame buildings - not reliant on weathertight shell
Post fixing of cavity ties, enables outer leaf to be taken off critical path planning
Simplicity of installing insulation

The Thin-Joint system results in some very specific benefits:
2mm joints and larger units reduces Thermal Bridging
Improved air tightness
Improved build accuracy of finished walls
Easy to extend or adapt during or after construction
Allows the use of thin coat finishes (eg spray plasters)
Provides solid robust walls
Fixing location not reliant on studwork Centres

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