Wednesday 15th August, 2018

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1981: The four cornerstones of our group were put in place when Barry Champion formed the company in 1981.

Starting out as a building contractor, he dedicated himself to creating a skilled workforce with strict quality control policies.

The growing reputation of the company became its springboard to offering a comprehensive and more integrated range of services.

1999: The Champion Group of Companies was formed in response to the increasing needs of the building and construction industry within the local community.

The group brought together core specialist skills, each able to operate autonomously within its specific remit, whilst representing a key element of a comprehensive service package.

Today: We’ve always been proud of our expertise and achievements.

Starting with a real determination, amongst the management team, to always be the best we possibly can be, this pride runs through the whole group.

We’re also proud of the area we live and work in and we take an active part in community life both from a corporate perspective and as private individuals.